This Treatise

      1) Defines the "fifth dimension" (our soul) and is the "Sealed Book" as mentioned in "The Bible Code," written by Michael Drosnin. Mr. Drosnin concluded in his book that the "secret book or sealed book" will be found in the ancient Hebrew calendar year 5757, which is the year 1997.
      This treatise was first written in a different format (titled-Diary of an Ancient Traveler, traveling at the speed of light) and was on the World Wide Web (Internet) in August 1997, which is the ancient Hebrew calendar year 5757.

      2) Unifies Science, History, and Scripture (Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament) together and explains or presents a solution to Albert Einstein’s "The Unified Field Theory" (also known as "The Unified Theory") as mentioned in the books "A Brief History of Time" (by Stephen Hawking) and the Bible Code."
      This solution is explained or presented without applying any mathematical equation, formula or diagram. This treatise establishes that the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament is also a scientific document.
      In the book The Bible Code, author Michael Drosnin, concluded what the Bible code suggests to him is that behind the "miracles" of the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament there was an advanced technology.
      This "advanced technology" is Photonics (harnessing the power of light—capacity to encode information, data, image and sound in light particles or photons) and transmission of these information, data, images’ and sound that are encoded in the light particles or photons via "glass fiber" is known as fiber optics.

      3) This treatise applies photonics and fiber optics technology to correlate between how information (data, sound and color images) which are encoded in the light particles or photons can be stored, amplified, and retrieved in material (living tissue), and sent across vast distances of space at almost five times the speed of light, a phenomenon known as the "quantum tunneling effect." It is another loophole in the laws that govern our known Universe.
      This treatise establishes that the most powerful and advanced Photonics computer that humanity will ever have is the "human brain," and explains spirituality applying basic modern optical-physics.

      4) Presents a new form of treatment named "pure energy treatment." This unconventional-noninvasive and non-chemical treatment is very effective in psychosomatic (the entire field of Psychiatry) illness, that is quite often a leading factor in many physical illnesses, for example, breast cancer, etc.

      5) This treatise is "The Answer" that John Lennon and George Harrison, the ex-Beatles, went to find in India and it (the "Treatise") fulfills the wishes that were expressed by John Lennon in his song "Imagine."

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