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     I was born at Howrah, the adjacent city to Calcutta (Kolkata) on the banks of Ganges River in the state of West Bengal, India. I obtained my High School Diploma from London Central Secondary School, London, Ontario, Canada and graduated from University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, majoring in biochemistry. I was a Medical Technologist for twenty-two years and for a year and a half I was employed at a photonics-fiber optics component manufacturing company. I am also a photographer, calligrapher, commercial-digital artist, web builder, cartoonist, freelance aerial camera operator and an active member of Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) since 1993. Currently, I am a technical support specialist for the largest internet (broad-band, cable modem) service provider in the world.

     While investigating my genealogy I accidentally decoded (applying the "Bible Code") from the Five Books of Moses-The Old Testament a solution to Albert Einstein's "The Unified Field Theory." The unified field theory (also known as the Unified Theory) is a theory that unifies the four known fundamental forces (Gravity, Electromagnetic, the Strong and the Weak Nuclear) that governs our known universe. Albert Einstein worked the last thirty years of his life to find a solution to the unified field theory. He was unsuccessful in his try.

     All the scientific, historical and biblical (partial) theories that are applied in this unification ARE NOT researched by me. They are current leading theories researched by scholars in various fields of science, history, biblical archeology and scripture study in the world.
     I simply accumulated and unified all the knowledge.
     From this unification of knowledge this treatise presents a solution to the unified field theory. This solution is presented without applying any mathematical equation, formula, or diagram. This treatise is my cumulative knowledge and all the partial theories that are presented in this treatise fits only one way to explain or present this solution to the unified field theory. I have spent the last ten years researching for this treatise and it chronicles a scientific journey of a human life on earth written in philosophical language. Although this "treatise" is written in philosophical language, however, the book is not about philosophy, rather well researched scientific materials.

     This treatise is the "sealed book" as mentioned in the book "The Bible Code" (Simon & Schuster Publication; 1997) written by Michael Drosnin, a reporter, formerly at the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. In December 2002, Mr. Drosnin published his second book Bible Code II, The Countdown (Viking, Penguin Group; 2002).
     This "Treatise" was first written in a different format (titled-Diary of an Ancient Traveler, traveling at the speed of light) and was on the World Wide Web (Internet) in August 1997, which is the ancient Hebrew calendar year 5757.

     I am not affiliated with any religious, political, special interest or social organization, and I have never voted in any political election.

Sujoy (Sonny) Deyasi
November 30, 2002.

One Company:
Refer to a companion.
One World
Refer to your world, my world, that is, the center of our universe --our own brain.
One God:
The Omnipotent God -- "Light."
One Phase:
The Company, World and God are all in one phase.
Everybody in the world needs"Light" to see the universe.

In memories of the victims of September 11, 2001.

Acknowledgement from
William Jefferson Clinton


     My parents are descendant from the "Sadducee" (2nd.c.BCE to 1st.c.CE) faction - sect of Judea - Israel, and "Essenes" (2nd.c.BCE to 3rd.c.CE) of Qumran, Israel. My father who was a gold-medal recipient in mathematics from the University of Calcutta (Kolkata), during the British period of India taught me how to decode the information’s that is encoded in the stories and events of the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament applying our knowledge and thoughts. My mother, a homemaker, during my childhood repeatedly told me the stories and events from the Hebrew Bible, about our ancestors, and that her genealogy is a direct descendant from historical Jesus (evolved from the Hebrew word "Yeshua," means "He who helps") of Nazareth, also known as Prophet Issa (Arabic name). Both my parents had also told me that our genealogy is encoded in the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament or the TORAH.
     I have spent the last ten years researching my genealogy when accidentally I found the materials that are presented in this treatise. This treatise is my cumulative knowledge and all the partial theories that are presented in this treatise fits only one way to explain or present this solution to the unified field theory. At first, I was reluctant to publish it because I knew that I would be considered a person who is suffering from mental illness. While I was working at a photonics and fiber optics component manufacturing company, I realized that the principles’ and applications of photonics and fiber optics technologies were the missing links in presenting this explanation or solution to Albert Einstein’s “The Unified Field Theory.”
     Uniphase is "The Answer" that John Lennon and George Harrison, the ex-Beatles, went to find in India and it fulfills the wishes that were expressed by John Lennon in his song "Imagine." If the reader has basic knowledge or understanding of all the partial theories that are presented in this treatise, and the reader periodically reads this treatise several times, then the reader will form all the links (connect all the dots) that I have formed in my brain. When completed the reader will be as enlightened as I am.

     For the last ten years I have experienced many difficulties and obstacles in my life. A medical-academic incompetency in the division of biochemistry at the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, ended my twenty-two years career as medical laboratory technologist. This medical-academic incompetency dealt with a biochemical methodology that was implemented for analysis of a "lethal" substance in human blood. This inaccurate and flawed methodology endangered patient care for a period of four (1990 to 1994) years, starting with a wrongful dialysis of a patient etc.
     During my research on the validity and scientific acceptance of this particular biochemical methodology, I came to know that, in USA, a mother was wrongfully convicted for murdering her child with this lethal substance. Her conviction was based upon misidentification of this "lethal" substance by the analyzing laboratory. This story was broadcasted several times on various television programs, such as, American Justice (episode: "The Wrong man"), Medical Detective, and Unsolved Mysteries.
     This biochemical methodology did not comply with the Ministry's Guideline; however, the inspectors from the Ontario Ministry of Health had failed to notice this medical-academic incompetency during their inspection of the laboratory for license renewal. This incident was covered-up by the Ontario Ministry of Health (C: 1 - 2), College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (C: CMLTO), national and local media - The fifth estate, CBC President & Ombudsman, the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, and CBOT - TV, and eventually led to the resignations (announced 2001- resigned 2002) of Rt. Hon. Michael D. Harris, former Premier of Ontario, (as an MP, and his decision not be a leadership candidate for recently merged PC and CA parties) and Rt. Hon Chris Hodgson, former Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs (resigned January 2003, after the revised version of this Web Site was launched), Ontario, Canada.

     The above-mentioned incident is the second medical-academic incompetency that had occurred in the division of biochemistry, at the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, currently known as the “Civic Campus” of the newly formed Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In the late nineteen eighties, another medical-academic incompetency had occurred in this laboratory.
     This medical-academic incompetency involved another biochemical methodology to analysis the commonly used drug "Acetaminophen" (commonly known as "Tylenol") that had caused a patient's "death," (the only death that I am aware of-an inquest was held regarding this death) due to false negative result. This biochemical methodology also did not meet the Ontario Ministry of Health's guideline, and was not accepted by the scientific community worldwide. This methodology was implemented for a period of five years.
     The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario was not yet established. The analyzing technologist was reprimanded, and following this incident the biochemical methodology, standard and quality control serums disappeared from the laboratory.

     The story that is posted in the newsletter of College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (Discipline Case Summary - P15) is false. I was not a member of the CMLTO at that time, and I have never paid any money as the article claims.
     Health Canada is "milking" the hard working taxpayers’ of this nation, to provide employments for a group of people, who are administratively and academically incompetent, and do not give a "damn" about the society. The Canadian Health Care System does not need any more taxpayers’ money to provide quality health care to its citizens. Instead, the health care professionals (including the governing bodies) need to acquire “higher knowledge” about the human body and mind.
     "Procedural Medicines" (viral, bacterial-infections, surgical, and only some conditions) practiced by the Canadian Health Care professionals (including governing bodies) are scientific. However, when it comes to the "human mind" they are "WAY-OFF." The highest rate of suicides of all professions are "psychiatrists." How can they help anyone, when they cannot even help themselves? In the modern world or civilization the physicians are considered to be the "new priests." I am a descendant from the "old priests."
     I have no criminal record, or history of any psychiatric problem.
     My life experiences also includes serving time in a prison (1999), deliberately classified as a mentally ill patient (1999), forced injection of anti-psychotic drugs by the Canadian Health Care System, harassment, attempted entrapments, sting on the Internet (soliciting "child pornography"), illegal intercepting of phone conversations, E-Mails and attempted planting of evidence by the law enforcement agency on behalf of the government (led to the resignation of Rt. Hon. Chris Hodgson, former Minister of Housing & Municipal Affairs of Ontario, in January, 2003), and media (the Ottawa Citizen & Ottawa Sun) of this great nation.
     I had questioned "science" for the community at the request of the community. My coworkers and supervisors, requested me to help them with scientific knowledge. They had told me that by helping them, I would be helping the community, and I believed them. These life experiences have allowed me to test this solution of the unified field theory with a variety of people in many different settings and situations.
     My brother and my birds are my strength and they are solely responsible for bringing me to this point of my life. My brother, an electrical engineer and once a member of the Liberal Party (Documents: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9) of Canada during Rt. Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s era was persecuted (at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for his liberal thoughts by the Canadian Health Care System. At the age of thirty-nine, he was diagnosed as paranoid-schizophrenic and was given large dosages of powerful antipsychotic drugs for more than a decade. Prolonged usage of large doses of powerful antipsychotic drugs caused my brother to have "terminal" brain damage. He was never accused or charged with any offence and he never had any addiction. This life-experience made him a man with no hope. I am his only hope. Recently, genetic fingerprinting revealed that he does not carry any mental illnesses' genes. Now, he has to take these drugs to get a pay checque. He supports himself with a disability pension.
     My brother and I are eternally grateful to William Jefferson Clinton, former President of the United States of America for considering the publication of my treatise to save my brother as a “worthy cause” and the American people for feeding me during LBJ’s Presidency. In a letter, the White House wrote me: “Unfortunately, however, the President is unable to lend his name for all of the many worthy causes that come to his attention.”

     I wrote this "Treatise" to provide my brother with a scientific explanation in a basic form that there is no such feeling as "no hope" in human emotions. No hope means "no light." If you have a brother like mine, then you might like to read this treatise and provide him with "The Answer." And, if everybody in the world who has a brother as mine does so, then we will have a brotherhood of man. You may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as "One."
Sujoy (Sonny) Deyasi
November 30, 2002.



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