The Frog Prince
Sujoy Deyasi

While decoding the solution to Albert Einstein’s the "Unified Field Theory" from the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament applying the "Bible Code" I accidentally decoded the fate of Diana, Princess of Wales and had tried to warn her.

The Bible code instructed me to find two abused Princesses (One royal and one commoner) and set their souls tree and ask the older one to help me reach my mother.

Photograph & Watercolor by Sujoy Deyasi.

If Diana, Princess of Wales would have received the doll "The Frog Prince" it would have set her soul free and "England’s Rose" would have continued to blossom to a full-bloom instead of needlessly dying like a "Candle in the Wind."


The Frog Prince" is curved from an ordinary jumbo chalk, painted and glittered with decorative gold-flakes. Casing is made of "old wood" from British Columbia, Canada. The stand is a gold platted candle holder.

Chalk doll & Casing Design Copyright © 1994, by Sujoy Deyasi.

This book is dedicated to:
William & Harry

The Royal Princes of

The House of Windsor

Photograph & Watercolor by Sujoy Deyasi.

“There are no good-byes between us, wherever you are, I am always in your hearts.”

The Queen of Hearts


Letter sent to Diana, Princess of Wales


      December 17, 1994.

      To: Her Royal Highness
        Princess of Wales

      Your Royal Highness,

      I am a medical technologist by profession, but in my heart, I am an artist. I have been making dolls since I was in school.

      I would be honored if you would accept this doll as a token of my appreciation for the joy that you have brought in my and my brother’s life as a princess.

      Sonny Deyasi

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      “Why didn’t the Governor General’s staff send the doll to the princess? Don’t they know if the princess is not set free the kingdom will fall?" Joseph asked.
      For moment I did not have an answer. Suddenly I felt this peace within me. The living room was so quite that I could hear the tractor in the experimental farm and the seagulls fighting for their last meal of the day, only to be shattered by the fluttering of Tara’s wings when she flew from the bathroom and landed on my shoulder.
      “I don’t think they do," I replied.
      Tara seemed very frightened. As if she had seen a ghost. Before I could take her in my palm and kiss her the phone rang. I picked up the phone with Tara clutching from my shirt as she was trying to come in my palm.
      “Have you made a decision yet?" brother asked.<
      “You mean about the doll?" I replied.
      “Yes," he said in a worried voice.
      “I will take the doll to the Children’s Hospital and set a little princess free,” I replied.
      “Wasn’t your assignment to find two abused princesses and set them free and ask the older one to help you reach mother?" he asked in a worried voice.
      “I might have to abandon that part of the assignment as mother has instructed me,” I replied.
      He was silent. I could hear a female voice in the background calling him to come for a walk.
      “Anyway you should be going for your afternoon walk, I can hear Aaron calling you,” I said.
      With hesitation he said “okay” and gently put the receiver down.
      For a moment I had forgotten that I was taking to Joseph before the phone rang. I looked into his eyes and realized that he knew what we were taking about in the phone.
      “Was your brother talking about Carol Anne?” he asked.
      “Yes,” I answered.
      “Are you still in love with her?” Joseph asked.
      Almost at the speed of light my eyes focused on the calendar that was on the coffee table. It was a picture of Carol Anne and the Channel Seven News Team. I saw a reflection of a shinny orange light on the picture that made my head move up to see its source. It was the shrine that had the deities of mother Goddess that was lit up like a fire-ball from the afternoon sun directly on it.
      I searched for an answer in that fire ball and the only thought that came into my mind is, it's been seven days and seven nights that I have been sitting in front of this PC and writing this manuscript. I must hurry and complete it so I can mail it tomorrow to the Hollywood director and give my brother, the man with no hope, a new life.
      As for me, I am an ancient traveler traveling at the speed of light, when my assignment will be complete here I will be on my way to another molten rock covered with dust that will be light-years away.

Sujoy Deyasi, May, 1995.

A copy of this excerpt was sent to one of the princess in December 1995.




"White colored font" indicates copy of the reply received

      Starting August 1, 1990, while applying the Bible code to decode my genealogy from the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament, I accidentally decoded the solution to Albert Einstein’s the "Unified Field Theory” and an information that led me to video-tape an aerial view of the fireworks' event on Canada’s 125th birthday that was to be held on July 1, 1992, and send a copy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as token of our appreciation.

      On December 8, 1992, I had sent a copy of the video-tape named "Sparkles of Canada" to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty accepted it with pleasure and rewarded me with the title “Esquire.” It was during decoding of this message I also accidentally decoded another information to create two digital images (named “Fantacolour-Imaging System”).

      They are:

      1) From Ms. Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose titled the “Flying Skirt” and renamed it as:

“Candle in the wind”

A tribute to Marilyn Monroe and Elton John

      2) From a Portrait of the Rock’n Roll band “The Beatles” and rename it as:

“Four Pals”

      On January 1993, I had sent a copy of the second image to William Jefferson Clinton and a copy of the first image to Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former President and the First Lady of the United States of America.

      I also decoded from the Bible code to contact the “Seven Angels” that are mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and a "prophet" named Nelson Mandala. These seven angels are John (who later becomes a “true Prophet,” and Bernie Taupin, lyricist of Elton John takes his place), Paul, George, Ringo, Pete, Stu, and Elton John.

      On January 8, 1993 I had sent a copy of the first image to Sir Elton John.

      On January 12, 1993, I had sent a copy of the second image to Sir Paul McCartney, the ex-Beatle.

      It was during my final decoding process to complete the solution to the unified field theory that I accidentally decoded an indirect and a direct prophecy. The indirect prophecy involves the State of Israel in which people of Israel will break the “Covenant” and start the imbalances in human souls, classified by the ancients as the “Children’s of Light” and “Children’s of Dark.” These imbalances had previously occurred in human history and were mentioned by Zoroaster, the Persian prophet and by the Essenes of Qumran, Israel, writers or collectors of the Dead Sea Scrolls (for details read the Treatise-”Uniphase”).

      The direct prophecy that I had decoded involved finding two abused princesses of whom the older princess is a “commoner” and the younger one is a “royal.” The prophecy directed me to create a doll named “The Frog Prince” (carved from “Chalk” painted and glittered with gold) to these princesses and set their soul free and to ask the older one to help me reach my mother.

      On May 27, 1993, I had sent a copy of the image “Candle in the Wind” and another digital image of the cast from the motion picture “Casablanca” to Mr. Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian, Entertainment Tonight Show, Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, California, USA.

      In June 1993, I wrote to the National Capital Commission of Canada, and sent them a copy of the video-tape “Sparkles of Canada.” In this month I also decoded the information to video-tape an aerial view of the fireworks' event that was to be held on Canada Day 1993, and send a copy to the first female Prime Minister of Canada, Rt. Hon. Ms. Kim Campbell.

      In July 1993, a few days before her wedding I gave the prototype of the doll “The Frog Prince” and two images named “Wind beneath my wings” (an image of a “Peach face Lovebird”) and “The Forever Rose” (an image of a “Rose”) to the older princess, who is a television reporter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

      On October 29, 1993, I had sent a copy of the second image to Mr. George Harrison, the ex-Beatle.

      On May 18, 1994, I had sent a copy of the second image to Nelson Mandala, former President of South Africa.

      In 1994, I decoded the information that connected Diana, the Princess of Wales with the images “Candle in the Wind” and “The Forever Rose.” While decoding the former information I also decoded the information that Mr. Steven Spielberg, the famous Hollywood director, who, the Bible code claims to be the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah, because he made Oscar Schindler a house-hold name.

      On November 5, 1994, I had corresponded with Mr. Spielberg’s company Amblin Entertainmentto find out if he would be interested in making a film based on my research to find my genealogy. The package that I had sent to him had a video-cassette (obtained commercially) that had images of a temple-wall in India, where Star of David and Swastika appears side-by-side (details in the book-Diary of an Ancient Traveler, traveling at the speed of light). Amblin Entertainment replied my letter.

      On December 17, 1994. I took the only copy of the doll “The Frog Prince” and took it to the Governor General of Canada’s resident to get it delivered to Diana, Princess of Wales.

      On January 1995 I wrote to Mr. James Redfield, author of the book the "Celestine Prophecy” and requested him to assist me in writing a book based on my findings from the Bible code.

      On March 20, 1995, I had again corresponded with the Amblin Entertainment and presented an idea for a motion picture. The story outlined (an action-adventure) or idea that I had written involved a Royal Princess who receives a doll named “The Frog Prince” from an unknown man. The princess contacts this unknown man. They agree to meet. and he tells her the solution to the unified field theory. The princess then shares the knowledge with the rest of the world.

      First city they will meet was Liverpool, England, at a place called the “Pennylane Cafe.” The princess presence attracted the media, especially the "Paparazzi," but they always manage to getaway. They meet in different cities in different countries creating an action-adventure story that ends in Israel. Then the princess comes back to her palace where she and the light become one.

      On April 19, 1995, I received the doll back from the Office of the Governor General of Canada with a letter stating that the Princess of Wales declined to accept the doll. I came to realize that the Governor General’s staff did not make an effort to send the doll to the Princess, and the opinion expressed in this letter are not that of Diana’s, the Princess of Wales. The doll was returned to me by an army officer who left it at the rental office of my apartment building. On the same day I received the reply back from the Amblin Entertainment informing me that all scripts or ideas must be presented via a literary agent.

      In May 1995, I wrote the summary of my book in novel format in which I had mentioned the direct prophecies that I had decoded from the bible code and began to mail them to the literary Agents from the list that I obtained from the Writers Guild Of America. The literary agents were unfamiliar with my writings and were reluctant to represent me.

      On August 1, 1995, the “messenger” (who brought me the message that the older Princess is to be wed soon) who is also a television reporter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was sacrificed (assassinated) outside the front door of the television station where he was a sportscaster. His assassination led me to conclude that the prophecy had started.

      On November 4, 1995, the indirect prophecy that the summary of my novel had predicted concerning the State of Israel came true and the State of Israel broke the "Covenant.”

      On November 22, 1995 contacted Dr. Robert Eisenman, professor of Middle East Religions & Archaeology, and Director of the Institute for the study of Judeo-Christian Origins at California State University, Long Beach, California, USA., and the author of the book “James the brother of Jesus” (Viking; Publication date: March 20, 1997). In a phone conversation with him I mentioned him about my contacting Mr. Steven Spielberg regarding a proposal for a motion picture based on my research to find my genealogy.

      On December 12, 1995, I wrote to Mr. Steven Spielberg informing him that the prophecy had started.

      On December 18, 1995, I wrote to the Editor of the Time Magazine Informing that the prophecy had begun and had sent a copy of the summary of my novel that predicted the direct prophecy.

      In January 1996, I changed the format of my book from a novel to a treatise.

      On February 17, 1996, I wrote to Ms. Oprah Winfrey about the prophecies and had sent her a copy of the summary of my treatise.

      In July 4, 1996, I wrote to Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first Lady of the United States of America and asked her if she would be interested in knowing the solution to the unified field theory.

      On August 17, 1996, I wrote to Ms. Pamela Wallin about my research.

      On September 7, 1996, I met Ms. Louise Harrison, sister of Mr. George Harrison at a Beatles Convention in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

      I asked her when and what triggered Mr. Harrison’s interest in East Indian music?

      “When my mother was carrying George she used to listen to East Indian music on the radio, but this information was never made public,” she replied.

      I gave her two copies of summary of my treatise and requested her if Mr. Harrison could contact me.

      On December 1, 1996, I wrote to CTV television's W-Five regarding my research.

      On December 25, 1996, I had written to Ms. Yoko Ono Lennon, wife of Late John Lennon and sent her a copy of the summary of my treatise.

      In March 1997, I decoded the end (where and when) of the prophecies and accepted its consequences and wrote to National Enquirer and National Examiner.

      The first day of the eighth month in the fifth year with the “sacrifice” of the “messenger” and will end on the last day of the eighth month in the seventh year with the princess who is also a “rose” and her lover a “first born” leaving this world like a candle in the wind in the underground of the “City of Lights.”

      In August 10, 1997, I came to know the "Frog Prince” who will accompany the princess in this prophecy, because he was a first-born child of a modern-day Pharaoh.

      In early September 1997, I came to know about the book “The Bible Code,” written by Michael Drosnin, a journalist.

      Diana, Princess of Wales was born on Canada-Day (July 1st) and I was born on November 14, 1954 (the same year Diana, Princess of Wales's parents—Johnny & Frances Spencer got married).

      The countdown of years begins from the initiation of my spiritual journey that began the day Iraq invaded Kuwait that was encoded in “The Bible Code.”

“My heart will go on”



After the event had occurred I wrote to the following individuals about this story

Earl Charles Spencer

Brother of Diana, Princess of Wales

Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed

Father of Mr. Dodi Al Fayed

William Jefferson Clinton

Former President of the United States of America

Rt. Honourable Roméo LeBlanc

Former Governor General of Canada

Ms. Oprah Winfrey


Available soon in paper-back edition

Photographs, artwork & text Copyright©, 2002 by:
Unifiedftheory Enterprise®
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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