Quest for the Light-Source

Sujoy Deyasi

Life experiences of a person who absorbed Diana, Princess of Wales's soul and overcomes all the obstacles in his path to reach the light-Source and save his brother.

An inside view of the predicted collapse in fiber optics Industry.

Reveals the true reason why Rt. Hon. Michael D. Harris, former Premier of Ontario, Canada, resigned (and his decision not be a leadership candidate for recently merged PC and CA parties) and identifies a vice-president news, public affairs and anchorman of a local TV station who was charged for "child molestation" by the Ottawa Carleton Police Force, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Just as the "Bible Code" has predicted it is happening again after two thousand years. Zoroaster, (c. 628 to c. 551 BCE) the Persian Prophet and Essenes (2nd. c. BCE to 3rd. c.CE) of Qumran, Israel, classified these imbalances in human souls as "Children's of Light & Children's of Dark." Humanity is leaving the "third" and the final “Biblical Period.” I had twice warned the Commander and Chief of the most powerful army in the free world about these biblical periods.Once five years ago, and again in January 2001.

On August 5, 2001, I had warned Rt. Hon. Allan Rock, former federal Minister of Health, Canada, and a friend of late John Lennon, the ex-Beatle.
"Perhaps, you might be interested knowing these future events that are about to occur from a different perspective and prepare yourself and this nation from these natural (refers to the "human nature") disasters."
Reply from Rt. Hon. Allan Rock.

In August, 2001, I had also warned Ms. Oprah Winfrey, the talk show hostess, Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed, owner of the Harrods of London, UK, Mr. Michael D. Lemonick, author of the cover article "How the universe will end - The End," (Time Magazine cover-headline article of June25, 2001, Vol. 157, No. 25 issue) and Mr. Michael Potter, founder and former CEO of Cognos Software, regarding the near future events that are about to occur in the world.
"Starting this summer it will be like the “Summer of 67”(nineteen hundred and sixty seven). Except, this time it will be longer than forty-days and forty-nights and all hell will break loose."
Reply from Ms. Oprah Winfrey
Reply from Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed.

The latest deadline for the Middle East Peace Process (as set by the Commander and Chief of the most powerful army in the free world) is the year two thousand and five.
Is it a coincidence that Michael Drosnin, in his book "The Bible Code," concluded that the nuclear holocaust will begin in the Middle East in the year two thousand and six?


An aerial view on Canada Day, July 1,1990.
Photograph: Sujoy Deyasi.

This book is dedicated to my children
Billy Baba
May 1987 - July 2000
Watercolor: Sujoy Deyasi
July 1988 - August 2003
Crayons: Sujoy Deyasi
Peach faced love birds

The Fisher Estates
September 6, 1997, 2:30 am

     When we left the Pink Panther Cabaret it felt weird that Dave Lister was the driver.
     Usually I drive and he has a few drinks, but tonight he didn't want to drink.
     “Why didn’t you drink tonight,” I asked.
     “I don’t know. Something told me,” he replied.
     “Did you noticed that the dancers particularly Yvonne, Tia, Angel, Cynthia and Isabel were pussy-footing around us more tonight,” I asked.
     “Yes, they must feel or see the increase in our auras,” he replied.
     “Yvonne, whom I had shown the doll before Diana’s death and told her what was going to happen to Di asked me if I still have the doll,” I said.
     Dave looked at his watch and said, “It’s is almost quarter after two early in the morning which is around eleven in the morning in England’s time and Diana’s funeral will be on the TV.”

     We arrived at my apartment shortly and my brother was sleeping. I turned the television on to channel seven and the first scene on the TV was the Kensington Place. I cleaned the glass-dome that covers the doll under the light and moved it from the computer desk to the coffee table. Dave and I sat at the two ends of the chesterfield. I turned my head and looked at Dave.
     “Ever since he has quite taking Haldol, Ajoy, used to shake a lot, but yesterday he wasn’t shaking at all,” Dave said.
     “Perhaps Diana’s soul was helping him. He seems to be realizing that something is happening around the world. Within five days of Diana’s death Holy Mother Theresa dies in India. He remembers that I had met the Holy Mother and touched her feet when I was in kindergarten school in Calcutta,” I replied.
     No sooner I had finished my sentence, all of a sudden Dave’s face lit-up like a candle and he yelled, “There is a shinny white disc of light on your forehead.
     “Uh!” I replied.
     “It’s because you have never hurt anyone,” he said.
     “I don’t see anything in front of my face,” I replied.
     I sat for a few seconds while Dave, whose face was still lit-up and still looking at me. Then I walked to the washroom and stood in front of the vanity mirror to see this light that was supposed to be on my forehead. I didn’t see any light on my forehead or anywhere on my face. I ran back to the living room and saw Dave in a maze, as if he had seen something unique in his life.
     What did he see?
     He didn’t drink tonight. He never had any addiction. He has never been on any psychiatric drugs. I looked at the doll that was on the coffee table in front of me when he saw the shinny disc of light on my forehead and noticed that the glass-dome that covers the doll looks dusty. Yet, I just cleaned the outside of the glass-dome under the light on the computer desk just a few minutes ago.
     “This is unusual,” I said.
     I took the doll back under the light on the computer desk and to my astonishment I realized that the dust was inside the glass-dome. I clearly remember cleaning the inside of the glass-dome thoroughly before I had sealed the doll three years ago. Suddenly it dawned on me that the doll appears to have been exposed to an electromagnetic field and that caused the dust particles from the doll to stick on the inside of the glass-dome.
     “This is amazing,” Dave said.
     “You must have seen something,” I replied.
     "But what?" he replied.
     “It was Diana’s soul that I just absorbed,” I replied


Psychic Fair
The Ottawa Congress Center.
March 28, 1998.

     When we arrived at the Congress Center to go to the psychic fair and to have our aura images taken, I asked Dave, “Do you think that me absorbing Diana’s soul will show-up in my aura image?”
     “I don’t know,” he replied.
     The attendants in the booth that was offering this service were starring at us.
     “Could we have our aura picture taken please,” I asked the female attendant.
     “Yes, but you come first,” she said and pointed at Dave.
     Dave had his aura image taken and the male attendant of the booth interpreted the image to him while I was waiting for my turn outside the booth. Then came my turn.
     “Have a seat and put both of your palms on the metal sensors on each side of your body,” she said.
     I followed her instruction. While she was getting ready to take the image I was thinking of Diana. I was saying to her in my mind -- “if that was your soul that I had absorbed from the universe on that early morning of September 6, last year, then you better show-up now and prove that to me.”
     After she took my image, I went outside the booth and waited for it to be developed.
     A few minutes later the male attendant who interpreted Dave’s image called me to come inside the booth and started to interpret the image to me.
     “From this image it looks like someone is protecting you,” the man said.
     Suddenly my inner voice told me to call Dave and have him hear what this interpreter was saying about my image.
     “Would you mind if my friend can hear your interpretation of my aura picture?” I asked the man.
     He hesitated for a moment and then replied, “Who?”
     I pointed at Dave who was waiting outside the booth.
     “Yes,” the man replied.
     I called Dave and he came and stood beside the man who was interpreting my image.
     “Someone is protecting you,” the man repeated again.
     I looked at Dave’s eyes and realized that he knew who this person might be.
     “But I do not know what direction this soul might take you,” the man said.
     I thanked him and we left the psychic fair.
     On the way to the parking lot I asked Dave, “Who do you think this individual might be whose soul is supposed to be protecting me?”
     With a smile he said, "It is Lady Di.”


A session with the psychiatrist,
Dr. David M. Greenberg,
The Royal Ottawa Hospital.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
September 1999.

     "Are you paranoid?" Dr. Greenberg asked.
     "What do mean by that?" I replied.
     "Are you afraid that people are out to get you?" Dr. Greenberg asked.
     "Everybody is afraid of someone or something. I am not afraid that anyone or any organization is out to hurt or get me. But, ever since I came to know that we are Hebrews and descendants from the Sadducee faction and Essenes of Qumran, Israel, sometimes I think about our identity. Since "anti-Semitism" is on the rise in the world, sometimes I feel afraid. I don't lose sleep over it, but it's something to think about," I replied.
     "If you tell me one more time that you are a Hebrew and descendant from the Sadducee faction or any other crap then I will send you back to the jail again. This time it will not be at the Ottawa Carleton Regional Detention Center, it will be Kingston Penitentiary," Dr. Greenberg replied.
     I was still going to repeat who we were, but then I realized if he sends me to the Kingston Penitentiary no one will look after my brother. When I was a little boy, my mother used to take me to the crematorium to show me what the fascist dictator of Germany named Adolf Hitler had done to my rabbinic brothers and sisters. If this psychiatrist only knew that cries from the Hebrew holocaust has left this solar system a long time ago. I remember father telling me that after the end of the Second World War many Nazis' took Hebrew family name to hide from war crime prosecutions. I know that Canada is a heaven for ex-Nazis', and perhaps this psychiatrist is one of them.
     "And, if you refuse to take the medications, I will have the attendants strap you down and inject the medications," Dr. Greenberg replied.
     Immigrants come to Canada to avoid prosecution, but I was amazed to see that here I am being prosecuted for who we are.
     "You are suffering from delusional disorder," Dr. Greenberg said.
     "How could you say that I am suffering from delusional disorder? Something did happened. Whether, it was a cover-up or not that's not important. I have corresponded with Rt. Hon. Michael D. Harris, Premier of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Health, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario, CBC President and Ombudsman regarding this issue. These are copies of the correspondences with them," I replied and handed over the envelope to Dr. Greenberg.
     "These are copies, but if you wish to examine the originals I will have my friend bring you the originals," I said.
     Dr. Greenberg took the envelope, ripped it in pieces and threw them in the garbage. Later, I asked the head nurse of the ward to insert another copies of these correspondences in my file. These copies of correspondences were still there in my file when I went to examine my medical records after my discharge from the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

In December 1999,
Dr. David M. Greenberg, M.B., Ch.B., M. Med. (Psych)
F.F. Psych., FRCPC, Staff Psychiatrist
Forensic Service and Sexual Behaviours Clinic
Royal Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
left Canada and went to practice psychiatry at
Perth, Australia,


September 14, 1999.

Axis I Delusional disorder, paranoid type.
Axis II Deferred.
Axis III Nil of note.
Axis IV Stressors: appearance before the Ontario Review Board.
Axis V GAF (highest level 40)
Medications: Olanzapine: This medication is used for the treatment of certain mental disorder.
Antidyskinetics: This medication is used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or involuntary movements due to the side effects of certain psychiatric drugs.

The Royal Ottawa Hospital
September 1999.

     It’s been half an hour since I had taken the anti-psychotic drug. I am slowly feeling it’s effect. I had to look-up at the clock in the nurse’s station to see the time and to keep my conscious mind unaffected by the drug. It was ten in the morning on day of the Sabbath.
     In the patient’s lounge the phone rang. Theresa Bonacchi answers the phone. Theresa who suffered a lot, yet, she is so kind to me. So was Peter Moran. Perhaps they are soul-mates. Peter had told me that he had spent time with the man who had sacrificed the “messenger.” Yes, it is the same messenger-the TV reporter, who had brought me the message that the older princess will wed in the year nineteen ninety-three.
     Peter had told me that the man who had sacrificed this messenger didn’t have any remorse for his action. He is a perfect candidate whose soul will sure end-up in the “bottomless pit,” because his name is not in the “Book of Life.” Astronomers and Cosmologists call this pit a “black hole.”
     Poor Peter. He didn’t know that he too will be sacrificed soon.
     “It’s for you Sujoy,” Theresa said.
     I walked beside the desk and took the receiver from her hand.
     “Hello,” I said.
     “Hi Sonny, I phoned to warn you something very important. Don’t tell them about your decoding the unified theory or your accidental decoding of Diana’s death, from the Bible code, otherwise I will be talking to you through a "plexi-glass,” Gordon Jones, my friend who works at the JDS Uniphase Inc., said.
      When I was released from the Royal Ottawa Hospital, I realized that if my brother wasn't living with me, today I would be a "homeless man."

An excerpt from the transcript of the hearing with the Ontario Review Board
September 11, 2000.
Members of the Ontario Review Board are:
Mr. Timothy R. Lipson (Chairman), Dr. P. Darby, Dr. D. Nussbaum, Mr. Larry L. Steacy, and Mr. F. Abbott.
Representing Attorney General of Ontario: Mr. Dave Roberts.
No defense attorney present.

Dr. D. Nussbaum:Okay. Do you know whether the police actually investigated his allegations about what was being done in the lab?
DR. S. N. Brathwaite:I don’t know.
Dr. D. Nussbaum:Okay. Has the hospital investigated the allegations?
DR. S. N. Brathwaite:I haven’t. I don’t know whether Dr. Greenberg did.
Dr. D. Nussbaum:Okay.
Dr. S. N. Brathwaite:And I don’t know, but I would usually.
Dr. D. Nussbaum:Okay. Fair enough. I have no----
Dr. S. N. Brathwaite:He did speak right to his college, which seem to me to have been the appropriate body.
Dr. D. Nussbaum: Mr. Deyasi?
Dr. S. N. Brathwaite:Yes.
Dr. D. Nussbaum:And do you know if they investigated?
Dr. S. N. Brathwaite:Well, the threats he ended up making were against the college.
Dr. D. Nussbaum:Yes, but did the college -- my impression reading the report was that his allegations were not taken seriously at all and then he became frustrated and then threats to the college followed that. Is that accurate?
Dr. S. N. Brathwaite:Yes, I think that’s accurate.

A copy of the transcript was sent to Rt. Hon. Allan Rock,former Federal Health Minister of Canada.
Reply from Rt. Hon. Allan Rock

     The above-mentioned medical-academic incompetency occurred in the division of biochemistry at the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, ended my twenty-two years career as medical laboratory technologist. This medical-academic incompetency dealt with a biochemical methodology that was implemented for analysis of a "lethal" substance in human blood. This inaccurate and flawed methodology endangered patient care for a period of four (1990 to 1994) years, starting with a wrongful dialysis of a patient etc.
     During my research on the validity and scientific acceptance of this particular biochemical methodology, I came to know that, in USA, a mother was wrongfully convicted for murdering her child with this lethal substance. Her conviction was based upon misidentification of this "lethal" substance by the analyzing laboratory. This story was broadcasted several times on various television programs, such as, American Justice (episode: "The Wrong man"), Medical Detective, and Unsolved Mysteries. This biochemical methodology did not comply with the Ministry's Guideline; however, the inspectors from the Ontario Ministry of Health had failed to notice this medical-academic incompetency during their inspection of the laboratory for license renewal.
     This incident was covered-up by the Ontario Ministry of Health ( C: 1 - 2), College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (C: CMLTO), national and local media (the fifth estate, CBC President & Ombudsman, the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, and CBOT - TV) and eventually led to the resignations of Rt. Hon. Michael D. Harris, former Premier of Ontario, (as an MP, and his decision not be a leadership candidate for recently merged PC and CA parties) Rt. Hon. Chris Hodgson, former Minister of Housing & Municipal Affairs, (resigned January 2003, after the revised version of this Web Site was launched), Ontario, Canada. The story that is posted in the newsletter of College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario ( Discipline Case Summary - P15) is false. I was not a member of the CMLTO at that time, and I have never paid any money as the article claims.

     The above-mentioned incident is the second medical-academic incompetency that had occurred in the division of biochemistry, at the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, currently known as the “Civic Campus” of the newly formed Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In the late nineteen eighties, another medical-academic incompetency had occurred in this laboratory.
     This medical-academic incompetency involved another biochemical methodology to analysis the commonly used drug "Acetaminophen" (commonly known as "Tylenol") that had caused a patient's "death," (the only death that I am aware of-an inquest was held regarding this death) due to false negative result. This biochemical methodology also did not meet the Ontario Ministry of Health's guideline, and was not accepted by the scientific community worldwide. This methodology was implemented for a period of five years.
     The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario was not yet established. The analyzing technologist was reprimanded, and following this incident the biochemical methodology, standard and quality control serums disappeared from the laboratory.
     I had questioned "science" for the community at the request of the community. My coworkers and supervisors, requested me to help them with scientific knowledge. They had told me that by helping them, I would be helping the community, and I believed them. These life experiences have allowed me to test this solution of the unified field theory with a variety of people in many different settings and situations.
     I have no criminal record, or history of any psychiatric problem.
     For questioning science for the community at the request of the community I had paid the price of
     serving time in a prison (1999), deliberately classified as a mentally ill patient (1999), forced injection of anti-psychotic drugs by the Canadian Health Care System, harassment, attempted entrapments, sting on the Internet (soliciting "child pornography"), illegal intercepting of phone conversations, E-Mails , attempted planting of evidence by the law enforcement agency on behalf of the government (led to the resignation of Rt. Hon. Chris Hodgson, former Minister of Housing & Municipal Affairs of Ontario, in January, 2003) and media (the Ottawa Citizen & Ottawa Sun) of this great nation.


September 19, 2000.
IN THE MATTER OF the accused Sujoy Deyasi (DOB: 14.11.54);
AND IN THE MATTER OF a hearing held pursuant to section 672.81(1)
of the Criminal Code.


IT IS ORDERED that the accused be discharged absolutely.


Conversation at JDS Uniphase Inc., and the prediction

November 2000.

     While Tom Kotchiev, Darren Gracey, and I were having lunch at the cafeteria, Arun, the visual quality control inspector rushed to our table and handed to me a print-out of an article that was published on the Ottawa Citizen’s on-line yesterday, November 15, 2000. A year ago on that day I had started my job at JDSU.
     “Did you see this Sujoy,” he said.
     I quickly read the article and handed over to Tom.
     He read the article and said to me in astonishment, “Didn’t you predicted this last summer.”
     “Yes,” I replied.
     “How did you come to the conclusion that the “big crunch” in JDSU will be next year?” Tom said.
     “From the way the employees behave,” I replied.
     Then I pointed to him the lines that Ms. Kalla wrote about the forces of nature in the article. Tom was puzzled to see that someone else who had based her prediction from analyzing the market can also come to the same conclusion as me.


An Excerpt From the Reasons for Disposition
The Ontario Review Board
December 7, 2000

It was never made clear to the Board at the hearing that the basis for the accused’s frustration and anger with the victim in this case was indeed the product of delusionalthinking.

Last night at JDSU
June 27, 2001.

     After I got the lay-off package I went to my old department, CWDM, to say good-bye to my co-workers.
     I peaked through the window and tried to get Kalpesh, my supervisor’s attention who was building couplers in the “Jig.”
     Tom Kotchiev, my co-worker saw me at the window and rushed outside the "clean room."
     “Did you get laid-off,” he asked.
     “Yes,” I replied.
     “We will be next,” with a deep breath he said.
     “Do you remember my prediction of this big crunch last year?” I said.
     “Yes, and it is coming true. I am beginning to notice in people what you have been telling me about the phenomenon called dyfunctionism,” Tom replied.


Leaving JDSU
June 27, 2001.

     No sooner I had started the car the song “Imagine” came on in the car radio, and that caught me off guard. Then I realized that I had forgotten to eject the tape from the tape-deck before I had turned the car ignition off last night when I came to work. Before taking off, I looked at the JDS Uniphase building for the last time and asked myself -- Is JDSU a “Light-Source,” or a “flash-in-the-pan?” I remember my mother used to tell me that sometime it feels that life is like a series of long red lights with short bursts of green flashes' in between. JDSU is one of the principal suppliers of the Nortel Networks. My co-workers categorize JDSU a company that is jointed at Nortel's hip. The lay-off first started at the Nortel Networks.

     Are Nortel Networks and JDSU to be blamed for this crunches?
     I don’t think so.
     Anyone who is aware of the events that are happening around the world for the last five years would soon realize that high-tech companies have nothing to do with these crunches. It is happening in the health care system, within political parties, sports organizations and virtually in every system that humanity has ever designed to govern themselves.
     So why are these crunches happening?
     As Joan Gadsby, author of the book “Prescription by Addiction” whom I consider a prophet sent by God to spread her knowledge and wisdom that she has acquired from the pain and suffering that was imposed in her life says, “It’s time for change.”
     The Bible code predicted that after the State of Israel break’s the "Covenant” on November 4, 1995, the imbalances in human souls will begin. It is the same imbalances that had occurred during the time of Zoroaster, the Persian prophet and the Essenes of Qumran, Israel. Both had classified these imbalances in human souls as the “Children's of Light” and the “Children's of Dark.” As predicted in the Bible code, it is happening again two thousand years later and these imbalances were completed with the death ofDodi Al Fayed, the first born child of Mohammed Al Fayed who is considered to be a modern day Pharaoh.

     Dodi’s death is the tenth plague that was inflicted by God on the first-born child of Egypt during Moses' time.
     Did God really inflict the tenth plague on the land of Egypt?
     I don’t think so.
     The tenth plague occurs when the children’s are “dysfunction.”
     A person becomes dysfunction when they realize that they are unable or incapable of making effective decisions by applying the references or values that they have in their thoughts--decisions that gives them the ability to acquire new knowledge, or become “enlightened.” Absorbing light particles or photons from the universe makes a person enlightened, and it is achieved by acquiring new knowledge.
     How and when does dysfunctionism in children begin?
     When generations of parents make all the decisions there children’s become dysfunction. Dysfunction children’s are incapable of acquiring knowledge by conventional methods. No knowledge--no confidence. No confidence--no defense. These children becomes incapable of defending themselves and make effective decisions. This phenomenon has been occurring in every generation starting from the first family of Adam & Eve as told in the Book of Genesis.
     Virtually every parent in every culture in any given generation makes some decisions in their children’s life and that makes these children incapable of making decisions for themselves. Partial dysfunction children are common in any culture in any generation, but periodically their number increases or “peaks.”
     Frog, lice and locust are always present with us, but periodically their populations peaks. It's nature.
     Similar to the first nine plagues that were inflicted by God on the land of Egypt during Moses' time, the tenth plaguealso occurs due to nature. But this nature refers to the "human nature." Moses knew that God was "Nature" or specifically "light," and that every living creature was governed by the natural laws. He was the first person to understand that the tenth plague, "death of the first born," occurs because the way human treats each other--a human nature. The tenth plague is a product of the human nature or how a child is raised by his or her God or Creators. So when the tenth plague does occur we think that God is punishing us. Yet, in reality, humanity creates these imbalances from the way they treat each other.
     Early in the human civilization Hebrews understood that one could predict or change his or her future by living within the context of natural laws. Moses expressed these natural laws as the "Ten Commandments" or the "Covenant," and that became the foundation of justice system in any nation that is governed by democracy. He realized that if humanity lives within the boundaries of these natural laws or the Ten Commandments, peaks in dysfunctionism among children could be avoided. Whereas, Greeks understood that one could predict or change his or hers future by "politics and warfare's"--rest is history.
     "Eye for an eye," only applies when one is fighting with "knowledge." The moment one use "weapons," eye for an eye makes their whole world blind. And, when you are blind, you can't see the "light."

     Perhaps, Susan Kalla, the telecommunication analyst from the New York Bluestone Capital Partners who also predicted this crunch in high tech as I did to my co-workers at JDSU last year also understood this phenomenon.
     Jeff Pappone, who quoted her in his article that was published by the Ottawa Citizen on-line on November 15, last year, wrote-Ms. Kalla agreed, saying the poor market performance of companies such as JDSU doesn’t reflect a flawed strategy. “There’s nothing that the management has done with execution that would differentiate them--the management has done a good job and the company is running on all cylinders,” she said. “But you can’t overcome the forces of nature.”

     Dodi Al Fayed and Prince Charles must be the classic cases of "death of the first born." Royal watchers and biographers claim that the Prince has never defend himself.
     Is Mohammed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father to be blamed for the death of his first born?
     I don’t think so.
     Applying the "Covenant” as references or values if we interpret the last conversation that took place between Dodi and his father we decode a different interpretation of the same conversation from a deeper level.
     It was reported in CNN-Time Magazine that when some of the press photographers, the group affectionately named by the readers as the “paparazzi” were gathering outside the Ritz Hotel. Dodi, who wanted to go back to his apartment and propose to Diana phoned his father in London and told him what was happening outside the Ritz Hotel.
     He also told his father that he made plan to sneak-out the back door of the hotel and his regular car and driver will be the decoy in front of the hotel.
     Mohammed Al Fayed, told him, “fine, but don’t rush, don’t hide yourself, go out the front door.”
     Dodi ignored his father’s advice and left the hotel through the back door.
     Why didn’t he listen to his father’s advice?
     After Diana’s divorce she was traumatized. She felt deceived and that’s why she was reserved, withdrawn, and liked to spend time in seclusion. Hounded by the Paparazzi’s she felt intimidated, threatened, and traumatized. Dodi also felt the same, which is why they were in love. Both felt that this situation had become a “crisis,” and they have to defend themselves.
     Dodi was a gentle man who didn't know how to defend himself. After meeting him Diana realized that she too doesn't know how to defend herself. Dodi thought that if he could save Diana from these traumatized situations he can save her soul from being more traumatized. So he made his own plan of the getaway. But he was not sure of himself, so he phoned his father who was his savior. When he heard that his father had a different solution to this crisis, he decided for the first-time to rely on his own judgment of how to deal with this kind of crisis and followed his own plan of getaway. Together and individually the have experienced these kinds of crisis’ before, but this time it reached the peak.
     Dodi thought that by saving Diana from this crisis he would have shown her that not only he was capable of being independent, but he was also her savior and could give her security. Diana through out her entire life was always searching for a mate who can save her soul or give her security and Dodi was always searching for a mate whose soul he can save.
     Why did Dodi have the drive to save his mate’s soul?
     Because he couldn't save his mother.
     This time if he would have had listened to his father’s advice instead of relying on his own judgment, they would be still with us today.
     Every parent in every culture advice’s their children and sometimes these children don't value their parent’s advice and only depend on their own judgment. Parents always do what they think is best for us. We have to decide which one to listen to and which one to not.
     It is common for children in any culture to hold their parents responsible for the dysfunctionism that they display in their lives. But, whoever among those children’s has the "Covenant” as reference or value in their thoughts doesn't hold their parents responsible. These children realize that our parents always do what they think is best for us, because they don't have the "Answer.” My brother and I consider our parents to be our Creators. If they didn’t get-together, then we wouldn’t have been born. It is the children’s responsibility to acquire new knowledge, understand their dysfunctionism and make changes in their thoughts and behaviors.
     Since the dawn of civilization these endless cycles of “peaks” in dysfunctionism has been going on through out humanity. When the dysfunctionism effects the first born of the ruling Monarch, the process begins and that leads to severe differences in thoughts and opinions between generations.

     Some people wonder if the high tech boom will ever happen again.
     I don’t think so.
     It was such an over over-rated dream that the people of Ottawa had on high-tech. But, in reality it became a nightmare that made many people loose their life savings in dead-stocks. I am lucky that I bought “pork-belly” stocks. Good bacon is always valuable.
     In time these crunches in every systems that humanity has invented to govern themselves will increase and this is the beginning of that downfall, and like Diana and Dodi’s death this downfall will be quick and tragic.
     If humanity can acquire new knowledge to understand the way our brain function’s from a higher conscious level and how our thoughts are connected with God or Nature then these tragedies can be prevented. Humanity has to change it's nature to be in-balance with God or Nature.
     They are happening because the “flowerchild generation,” also known as the baby-boomers are finding out that they are dysfunction. They are also finding out that the children they had raised are more dysfunction than they are.
     Does that mean there is something wrong with the flowerchild generation?
     No, I don't think so.
     Flowerchild generation was the first generation in the industrial or modern times to have had questioned the meaning of life, freedom, authorities and traditions when they were making the transition from adolescent to adult. This is because this generation had reached their "threshold" of emotional traumas.
     "Can't buy me love--someone has to feel for you," was the theme during this generation's adolescent years, but when they became adult they shut the door on the questions that they had raised during their adolescent years.
     "Show me the money," is the new theme for this generation.
     The flowerchild generation has to realize that once you expand your conscious there is no "going-back." The sixties were a "one way trip" and not a "round trip." Trying to shut the door won't make any difference in the direction humanity is heading. Once a flower has bloomed no one can fold it back the way God or Nature had it before it bloomed. "Turn on, tune in, and drop-out," Timothy Leary, used to tell this generation.
     For the last two thousand years, every person and every generation has been relieving his, her or their "traumas" to the next person and next generation. Eventually, all the traumas accumulate or become the problem of the next person or generation. The flowerchild generation has to realize that starting from the industrial revolution these dysfunctionism among children or generation has been increasing every thirty years.
     First, itwas the first world war.
     Next, the second world war, and finally the flowerchild revolution.
     Why does this happen every thirty years?
     Because every thirty years vast majority of the world’s population leaves adolescent and becomes adult. Some of them make the changes in their thoughts by enlightening themselves while others get “left behind.”
     This reminds me of a song sung by Mike Rutherford, (of "Mike & the Mechanics) an ex-member of one of the greatest rock-n-roll band--"Genesis." The song is titled "In the living years," and the first line of this song is "Every generation blames the one before." Next generation has reasons to feel this way towards the flowerchild generation or the baby-boomers for not realizing that they are one who had opened this "Pandora's Box."

     Last year in November when I was writing the treatise (Uniphase) I didn't realize that the Bible code was actually warning me about our future. I wrote-”Every time we look at the sky we see our past and every time we look at JDS Uniphase Inc., we are looking at "our future." Just as the Bible code had predicted that it will happen starting from the industrial revolution that started during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria of the British Empire, the grandmother of Lord Louie Mountbatten the last Viceroy of India, the jewel in the British Crown. Father had told me that the “Sea-Lord” will be a mentor to the future King of that Empire. Now that his mentor has gone, will he still be the next King? Perhaps not.

     Humanity is leaving the third and the final biblical period. I had warned the Commander and Chief of the most powerful army in the free world about these periods two years ago.
     What are these three biblical periods?
     The first one was, "God is Light and source of all knowledge."
     The second one was, "Knowledge is power, not money. With knowledge you make money."
     Third and the final one was, “the establishment is not a group of people, it’s an attitude." This period began when a Sadhu (means a "holy man"), a brother, who was betrayed and almost murdered by his incompetent friends (all dogs no bitches) in the Holly Land two thousand years ago.
     Robin Williams, the famous Hollywood comedian had once said,
     “If you remember the sixties, then you weren’t really there.”
     I remember the sixties, because I was there.
     I remember in the summer of sixty-seven I used to help the blind and the disabled street venders to sell their home made “huka” (known to the rest of the world as “water-bong”) to the flowerchilds who were coming by the plane loads to India. In Calcutta a favorite spot for these street venders was in front of the Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Memorial Hall.
     Starting this summer it will be like the “Summer of 67.” Except, this time it will be longer than forty-days and forty-nights and all hell will break loose.
     As Betty Davies, the Hollywood screen queen would say,
     “Fasten your seat-belt, looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”
     With these thoughts in mind I slowly drove off JDSU parking lot and headed for home.


The Pied-Piper
September 7, 2001.

     When David Lister came tonight, I felt his aura and it was darker than ever before.
     "Why do you think Elton John is coming to the Corel Center in Ottawa on October 9th, 2001?” I asked.
     "Why?" he replied.
     "October 9th is John Lennon's birthday. Some individuals and organizations want to see if I go to his concert and try to see him. Then, I could be arrested as a deranged fan," I replied.
     "You are paranoid, you are paranoid, just don't go near the Corel Center that day" he replied in a childish tone.
     "This news of his coming to the Corel Center on that date was only broadcasted on TV, and printed in the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun newspapers. No other television station mentioned this news, not even Global-TV. When a famous musician goes for a world tour virtually all the networks broadcasts this news," I replied.
     I realized that because I had increased my aura, David's traumas are surfacing. His subconscious mind issaturated with dark matter and dark energy and this condition matches his handwriting.
     "Why do you think the Ottawa Citizen and
     Ottawa Sun newspapers portrayed me in their stories as an OC (Ottawa - Carleton) Transport copycat killer? I asked.
     "Because you wrote that to Brian Ford, the former Ottawa Carleton police chief," he replied again in a childish tone.
     "What did I write to the police chief? I asked.
     "You wrote that you were going to copycat like the OC Transport mass murderer," he replied again in a childish tone.
     "If I had written that to the police chief, then why didn't the police charge me for this threat?” I replied.
     David was silent. I looked at his eyes and could see that his subconscious traumas are surfacing. He was very nervous and perhaps realizing that I knew his motive. Gently, he sat on the chesterfield.
     "Don't write any letter to any body else, " he said in a commanding tone.
     "Don't tell me what to do," I replied.
     "Just don't write to Michael Potter, founder and former CEO of the Cognos Software anymore. What do you care if she had her husband murdered," he replied.
     A cold chill went through my spine. He was talking about the messenger--the television reporter, who brought me the news about the older princess’s wedding. Yes, this is the older princess from the book "The Frog Prince." Peter Morand, a patient whom I had met during my stay in the forensic unit at the
     Royal Ottawa Hospital, had told me that the man who sacrificed this messenger was the triggerman for the messenger’s wife. Nevertheless, I have never told this to anyone, including David. What made him say this?
     "Good thing that you didn't go to thank Max Keeping, the vice-president news, public affairs and anchorman of a local TV station, at the Super-Ex on August 22, 2001," he said.
     I looked at his eyes and realized that he knew Max's plan at the Super-Ex that day. How did he know? Who told him? I realized that the letter I had written to Max on my brother's behalf, where I called him a "pied-piper" to the children is true.
     Max wanted to entrap me at the Super-Ex and keep me silent.
     "My inner voice told me not to go," I replied.
     Years ago, when the Ottawa Carleton police force charged Max for "child molestation," deep down he was guilty, and that makes him a "pedophile." How many "normal person" in the world is charged for committing this crime? Max present's there station to the society as a "child priority newscast?" They call him a "local celebrity?" The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada, has his photos with their "poster boys?" He is also a Board of Director, a member of the Advisory Committee, and a Special Friend of the "Child and Youth Friendly Ottawa" (CAYFO) organization? It's a very clever way for a pedophile to hide in the society.
     The era in which Max was charged for this offence, very few persons were ever charged for child molestation. Without ample and creditable evidences, no police force in Canada would have charged anyone with this offence, especially a news anchorman. An FBI profiler once sum-it-up. He said, "Does a pedophile wants or likes to be around children? You bet they do."
     I was shocked to see that the Governor General of Canada glorified him with the highest honor of this country--the "Order of Canada." The Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa also glorified him with "Ontario Medal of Good Citizenship," and "Key to the City of Ottawa," with my hard working tax-dollars. Then again, April the first two thousand and two was the "Max Keeping Day" in Ottawa. It must have been an "April fool's joke."

     "We are going to the Pink Panther Cabaret tonight," David said in a commanding tone.
     "I don't feel like going anywhere tonight,” I replied.
     Suddenly, his cell phone, which he had it on his thigh, rang. Usually, he has the cell phone in his knap-sack, but for last few times he came to my place, he had the phone on his thigh when he sat on the chesterfield. Could it be possible that the phone is on and that our conversation was being transmitted somewhere? On September 5, 2001, when I had spoken to David via the phone he was very nervous. In our conversation that night no sooner I had told him that I wouldn't be surprised that if our conversation is being listen to, he said, "I'll call you back" and abruptly hung-up the phone.
     David answered his cell phone.
     "Hello," he said to someone in a completely different tone of voice.
     "Yes, I'll be leaving soon," he said and hung-up the cell phone.
     "Why didn't you call me back last Wednesday night?” I said.
     "After I had spoken to you, the phone was dead," he replied.
     "Why didn't you use your cell phone to call me back that night," I said.
     "I was busy painting," he replied in an arrogant tone.
     "June Davies, my co-worker from the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, who had since retired, phoned me again," I said.
     "Why is she phoning you so often? She never phoned you before. Did Gordon Jones, your friend from JDS Uniphase Inc., phoned you back, as he had told you when you last talked to him?" he said.
     "No," I replied.
     "Mike Harris..., no, no, June Davies is not in this," he replied.
     I realized that David knew something that I did not know. I looked at his eyes and realized that he was hiding something from me.
     "Why did you asked me on the phone last Wednesday--'do you want me to get some tickets for Elton John concert?'“ I asked.
     "Because, I felt like it," he replied in an arrogant tone.
     "The seventeen years we have known each other, we never went to any concert, or even talked about going to one?” I asked.
     "I wanted to go to the concert," he replied again in an arrogant tone.
     "If you wanted to go to Elton John's concert, why didn't you say--I want to go the concert; would you like to come with me?” I asked.
     "Who else I'm going to go with?" he replied in a childish tone.
     I realized that David understood that I caught-on to his motive of going to the Elton John's concert. If I had said “yes,” to his question about getting tickets for the Elton John concert, on the phone last Wednesday night, then it would be considered that I went to the concert voluntarily He always criticized about going to any concert and sporting events. He used to say people waste their money for nothing to go to these events. He has other friends, like Sheldon, Barry, Raoul and his co-workers to go with. Why me?
     "I don't want to keep the Elton John CD's that you have given me, anymore," I said.
     "No, no, you keep the CD's," he replied.
     "I will not be playing these CD's anymore. If you don't want to take them back, I'll give it to someone else," I replied.
     He was silent. Reluctantly he took the CD's in his hand and proceeded to leave the front door. When he was outside in the hallway he said, "We are still going to go play pool next week, right?
     "Yeah, yeah," I replied.
     Gently he turned his head and walked towards the elevator.
     This was the last time David was at my apartment.

David Lister is an employee (Laboratory Information System) of the newly formed the Ottawa Hospital, and is the only child of Kenneth Lister, a retired vice-president of the former Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


An excerpt from the conversation with Ronald Al,
Investigation and Resolution,
The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
January 2, 2003.

     "If the Ontario Review Board states in it's disposition--It was never made clear to the Board at the hearing that the basis for the accused’s frustration and anger with the victim in this case was indeed the product of delusional thinking, then what other delusions do I have?" And if I have no other delusions then how can I still suffer from delusional disorder?" I asked.
     "The Ontario Review Board’s opinion regarding your diagnosis is independent of the physician who diagnosed you and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. A psychiatrist is allowed to express his or her opinion. Your initial diagnosis by Dr. David M. Greenberg, at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, remains valid for rest of your life. You need to consult another psychiatrist for a second opinion regarding your diagnosis," Mr. Al replied.
     "I had provided documentations (correspondences with Rt. Hon. Michael D. Harris, former Premier of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Health, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario, CBC President and Ombudsman) to Dr. David Greenberg, the psychiatrist who first diagnosed me, regarding my delusions when I was being assessed at the forensic unit of the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Dr. Greenberg ripped the documents and threw them in the garbage during my session with him," I said.
     Mr. Al was silent.
     "I had asked Dr. Shirley Brathwaite, the follow-up psychiatrist; twice regarding my delusions and Dr. Brathwaite declined to provide me with any answer. Dr. Braithwaite was aware of my correspondences with the above-mentioned individuals and organizations as these documents are in my patient’s file in the medical records at the Royal Ottawa Hospital," I said.
     "Why didn't Dr. Brathwaite answer your questions," Mr. Al asked.
     "I don't know. I can only ask her. I can't huff or puff to her," I replied.
     Mr. Al was silent.
     "Dr. Greenberg had never told me what my delusions were," I said.
     "A psychiatrist can diagnose a patient as suffering from delusional disorders without disclosing to the patient what his or hers delusions are," Mr. Al replied.
     "If the psychiatrist does not tell me what my delusions are, then how can I correct my delusions?" I asked.
     Mr. Al was silent.
     "Could you give me in writing the advices that you have just mentioned?" I asked.
     "We don't do that," Mr. Al replied.


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