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       Is there life in other planets in another solar system?

       If there are life forms in other planets in other or our solar system then they must also have light particles or photons as their soul in order for them to communicate with us. We store our knowledge encoded in the light particles or photons, a process analogous to the storage and transmission of data, texts, color moving image, sound, photonics (a branch of optical physics) and fiber optics. However, each light particle or photon does not really store this information or messages, rather they store “instructions” to recreate the original information or messages. If their souls are trapped photons, like ours, but their photons are of different energy level than ours, then we will have difficulty in communicating with them.
       Any planet that goes through the same cycles as earth will have evolution of life form at one time in the planet’s history. If the planet Mars has gone through the same cycles in the beginning of its formation as earth did, as many astronomers, cosmologists and astrophysicists believe, then primitive life had definitely evolved in its earlier period or history. However, if the alien life forms also have same soul as ours, that is light particles or photons but different body chemistry than ours, then, they might be ahead of us in knowledge and technology.
       Some examples of different body chemistry include larger concentration of element, such as, “selenium.” Selenium is a nonmetallic element, red in powder form, “black” in vitreous form, and “metallic gray” in crystalline form. Metallic selenium conducts electricity; it is a better conductor of electricity in light than in darkness, the conductivity varying directly with the intensity of light. It is used in photoelectric devices such as an image-detecting component of a video camera, and in rectifiers, as a “semiconductor.” The photoelectric effect is the formation and liberation of electrically charged particles in matter when it is irradiated by light or other electromagnetic radiation.
       A semiconductor is a solid or liquid material, able to conduct electricity at room temperature more readily than an insulator, but less easily than a metal. Electrical conductivity is the ability to conduct electrical current under the application of a voltage. The common semiconductors include chemical elements and compounds such as silicon, germanium and selenium. Inorganic ions are crucial to virtually all biochemical and physiologic processes. Some are present in tissues only in minute quantity, micrograms to picograms per gram of wet (water) organ, are arbitrarily designated “trace elements.” Of these, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, fluorine, silicon, nickel, zinc, tin, and vanadium are now thought to be essential for animal life.
       In animal selenium deficiency results in liver necrosis, striking pallor, and degeneration of skeletal muscle, “white muscle disease,” occasionally involving the heart. It has been recognized for many years that these alterations resemble certain of the manifestations of vitamin E deficiency in animals and can be ameliorated by dietary supplementation with sulfur-containing amino acids. The nature of these interrelationships has been partially clarified recently by findings that selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase in red blood cells and likely other tissues.
       Hence, selenium, like vitamin E, appears to help protects against damage from complex intracellular peroxides. Selenium Sulfide is used in the treatment of dandruff, acne, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and other skin diseases.
       Selenium also plays a role in protein synthesis, DNA protection and cancer. Besides being an antioxidant, selenium is part of enzymes that patrol, protect, and repair DNA. These effects make it less likely that viral DNA will mutate. Fewer mutations make it an easier target for the immune system. By protecting DNA, selenium reduces the missynthesizing of proteins. Improperly made proteins reduce cell function, for instance, contribute to aging, and stimulate the immune system to destroy and remove them.
       Cancer patients tend to have low selenium blood levels. Older references say that selenium is valuable in preventing cancers but may not be therapeutic in treating them. Newer references provide some specific beneficial actions. Improve the function of cells exposed to toxins. Helps stop cancerous cells from multiplying. Lymphocytes have been shown to kill five times more cancer cells if they have enough selenium. Protect against the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy.
       Could it be possible that properties of selenium are the same when it is in an electronic component or fiber optics, and in an animal’s tissue, like our own body?
       Could it be also possible that other civilizations evolved with more of these trace elements in their bodies than ours did?
       All UFO sightings, such as, silver or gray flying saucers, metallic gray little beings with large head and large black glassy eyes show properties of selenium. No physical evidence has ever been found in any UFO encounters, whether encounters were of the first, second or third kind. However, presence of light in every kind of encounter is universal.
       Studies indicate that selenium wraps round the DNA, the building blocks of life, and DNA are present in the nucleus of every cell in our body. Could it be possible that the selenium that wraps around the DNA’s in our cells has the same function as the selenium-chips that are used in video cameras?
       In a video camera (broadcast level), there are usually three selenium-chips. One for each color—red, green and blue (RGB-additives coloring systems). Each chip is sensitive to one color and together they form the images that are recorded on the videotape.
       Could it possible that the selenium that wraps around DNA also picks-up light particles or photons? However, if the person has dark matter and dark energy soul instead of light particles or photons as soul the effect is different. According to Stephen Hawking, dark matter emits radiation. Could it be possible that this emitting radiation mutates our genes and produces cancer cells?
       Every human has cancer genes. Could it be possible that a person whose soul consists of predominantly dark matter and dark energy (an enraged individual) only suffers from cancer contrary to a person whose soul consists of predominantly light particles or photons, an enlightened individual?

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