"Light is the ink with which our
past and future are written"
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Festival of light
  • How did the scholars of the past perceived the universe? Ancient Egyptian, Greek
  • Astronomers of the “Common Era,” model of the universe, Sir. Isaac Newton.
  • William Herschel and what he observed in the sky with his large telescope
  • Edwin Hubble's research, and Christian Doppler.
  • Birth of “The Big Bang Theory,” St. Augustine, Nature of time.
  • Albert Einstein's famous energy equation and how does the equation applies in our daily life.
  • How did the universe evolve from the Big Bang? The formation of matter, and the divisions of the fundamental forces.
  • Light, its nature, properties, and speed
  • The General and Special Theory of Relativity.
  • Uncertainty principles, Quantum Mechanics and the theory of matter.
  • Chemical elements that are in the periodic table.
  • Formation of: Galaxy, Star, Planets, and theSolar system.
  • The “Inflation Theory,” and the fate of the universe.
  • Dark Matter-MACHO, WIMP, Neutrino
  • Why the need to know the “missing mass” of the universe.


Trapped light
  • The unified field theory astronomers, cosmologists and physicists are trying to postulate.
  • Correlations between the big bang theory and the Book of Genesis.
  • Who or what is God or our Creator, references from the Old Testament.
  • Concept of God in Egyptians mythology and the Old Testament.
  • What is our soul?
  • Kirilian photography and history of aura images.
  • Effect of electromagnetic force on our soul.
  • Definition of life.
  • Is science missing something fundamental in its definition of life.
  • Which came first, the membrane or the metabolism?
  • Beginning of life in this planet. Earth's electrical field.
  • How, when and why did life evolved on earth.
  • Lightning.
  • When, how and why did single celled organisms started to evolve to complex creatures like humans.
  • Correlations of evolution with ancient cultures.
  • Is there life in other planets in another solar system?
  • Where does the soul come from? Do our parents give us our soul together with their genetic material?
  • How does the soul enter our body and how does it leave?
  • Design of a human brain. Its primary reason.
  • Decoding information from the Old Testament applying the Bible Code.
  • What is our memory? How does it store information in our brain?
  • Correlation with the magnetic recording system.
  • The Unified Field Theory.
  • Correlations with photonics and fiber optics technology.
  • Space travel, quantum tunneling effect.
  • Does our soul have any relationship with the cosmos?
  • Why does life form evolves in the universe.


Shinning light
  • What are the conscious and the subconscious minds? When do they develop?
  • Conscious mind and the concept of time.
  • Subconscious mind and when does it develop?
  • Conscious, subconscious minds and brain waves.
  • How does personality develop?
  • Correlations of human mind and computer hard and software.
  • Winning theories in our subconscious mind.
  • How does Conservative, Liberal and Socialistic thoughts develop?
  • Why our political systems are based on three major different thoughts?
  • Is Darwinian evolution continuing?
  • Sleep, dreams and astral plane.
  • Out of body experience and Near death experience.
  • Do we have a judgment day?
  • What is heaven and what is hell?
  • Angelic and demonic experiences
  • Implanted vision
  • Telepathic communications
  • Communication with the spiritual world
  • Extraterrestrial communications
  • Resurrection
  • Psychic reading.
  • What makes us addicted to drugs that alter our mind?


Ancient light
  • The Orion theory of the Pyramids of Gizeh.
  • Why were Osiris and Isis the God and Goddess of the underworld?
  • Did the Babylonians know the solutions to the unified field theory?
  • What are the three Biblical periods? When does the end period start?
  • Interpretation of the Adam and Eve story.
  • The story of Pandora, Greek mythology.
  • Noah and the great flood story. What Hebrew twist does the story have that does not appear in the flood stories of other ancient beliefs that predate Noah?
  • Abraham —One man one God.
  • Joseph—the Master of Dreams.
  • The story of Moses.
  • Death of the First Born—the tenth plague.
  • Dark clouds of Passover.
  • What does the "Ten Commandments” signify? Why is it “Ten” commandments" that God wrote upon “two stone tablets” and not any other number? What are the two stone tablets represents?
  • The story of King David.
  • Who are Prophets? Why are Prophets chosen by God?
  • Why is the Bible silent about the personal life of the prophets?
  • A scientific explanation regarding the current situation in the world (before and after September 11, 2001) and the future of humanity.

Excerpts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


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