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Interpretation of "Adam and Eve story" from the Book of Genesis applying the Unified Field Theory or the Covenant as the reference or value.

      Part Two

      An ape walks quadrupley (on four limbs) most of their lives that orients the center of their brain and the womb (uterus) on the same geometric plain that is perpendicular to the gravitational force of the earth. While a hominid walks bipedaly (on two limbs) most of their lives, that orients the center of their brains and their wombs on the same geometric plain that is parallel to the gravitational force of the earth. Important changes occurred in the brain's blood flow by the biological process that links the brain and walking upright. Flowing liquid must follow the laws of gravity. Similar to a super computer our brain is also a machine, a search engine searching for “The Answer.”
      An engine can only be as large as the radiator was capable of cooling it, known as the “radiator theory.” In this theory, the cooling system of the brain became more efficient by having two ways of blood drainage and an increase in number of tiny holes in the skull (e. Foramen) for blood vessels to enter or exit. This occurred gradually between Australopithecus through genus Homo to Homo sapiens. Changes in the cooling system caused the brain to increase in size (cranial capacity). With the increase of brain matter, the soul increased in mass and volume. The total change in body and soul triggered the first profound change in human consciousness.
      Humans consciously realized that they can have sex in any season and that the act of sex produces a new life.
      The sexual cycles in gorilla and chimpanzee females are the same as in humans. The gorilla female menstruates about every 28-day and a chimpanzee female every 35-day and they could have sex in any season. However, they only come in heat for a short period, whereas a human female is in continuous heat. Gorilla and chimpanzee females are not consciously aware that they can have sex in any season.
      Bonobo Chimps are the bridge between the extinct hominids and us. Bonobo’s demonstrate that the primary reason for sex or copulation is not to produce new life, but they also exchange energy between each other through their Kirilian Aura. Which is why Bonobo’s are seen having sex to mend their aggression and differences. Observation had also shown that a female Bonobo always takes the lead during aggression. When one group of Bonobos meets another group it is always the female greets each other by touching each other’s genital.
      In human copulation exchange of energy also occur through our Kirilian Aura. However, in human during aggression touching each other’s genitals is replaced with words or actions. A rape is not about sex, rather gaining control or power over another person. In a rape one individual traumatizes the other and steals his or hers soul energy from their Kirilian Aura.
      Monkeys, apes, and other hominids (including Neanderthals) brains do not have this neural circuitry (defined as a “concept") in their conscious minds. Recent findings indicate that a Neanderthal brain was pre-wired in the womb, contrary to a human brain. The conscious mind is the neural circuitry (or board) that deals with the concept of "time." This time-coding mechanism is analogous to the time coding mechanism in a magnetic recording system as used in an audio-video recorder and computer and it is the fourth dimension in Einstonian physics. Monkeys and apes are flat chested unless they are producing milk, unlike the human female.
      What about other hominid females?
      Were they flat chested unless they were lactating or producing milk or they had permanently enlargement of breasts from puberty as modern humans or Homo sapiens?
      A human shares almost ninety-eight percent of its genes with a chimpanzee. From the skeletal remains of Neanderthals scholars concluded that a Neanderthal female was very robust.
      Due to the permanent enlargement of breasts from puberty a human (Homo sapiens) female or Eve, was the first person to consciously become aware that we can have sex in any season and that the act of sex produces a new "life" (fruit of love). The female (evolved from two words; Fertile + Male = Female) told that to the male and this knowledge is symbolized by a “fruit.”

      The woman saw that the tree was beautiful, that its fruit was good to eat, and that it would make her wise.
      So she took some of its fruit and ate it.
      She also gave some of the fruit to her husband, and he ate it..................................Genesis (3: 6).

      Then, it was as if their eyes were opened. They realized they were naked,
      so they sewed fig leaves together and made something to cover themselves.............Genesis (3:7).

God's warning to Adam and Eve was:

      "You may eat the fruit from any tree in the garden.”................Genesis (1: 16).

      “But you must not eat the fruit from the tree which gives the knowledge of good and evil.
      If you ever eat fruit from that tree, you will die".....................Genesis (1:17).

      What is a “fruit?”
      A fruit is an uterus with seeds inside.

      This means woman (evolved from two words; womb + man = woman) offered her womb to man for other purposes than reproduction.
      The answer may lie in the birth of “human emotion” and “language.”
      When modern humans (Homo sapiens) consciously became aware that they can have sex any time, they also consciously (or observed after nine months of gestation) become aware that the act of “sex” produces a new life, “the fruit of love,” and that this act had given them the ability or power to create a human.
      Among all life forms that had existed on earth humans are the only species that can consciously decide not to reproduce. Eating the fruit from the tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil gave Adam, Eve, and our parents the ability or power to create a human life anytime, anywhere just like their Omnipotent God. From this point in human history, the sexual act became a service, like calling the plumber and the world’s oldest profession.
      If we recall what the serpent had said to Eve in the book of Genesis:

      "God knows that if you eat the fruit from that tree, you will learn about
      good and evil and you will be like God"................................Genesis (3: 5).

      Neanderthals inhabited a vast area, from continental Europe to Middle East, yet in any given time, their population never exceeded a hundred thousand. They used fires regularly, made and used stone tools, wore animal skins as clothing, lived in caves, and buried their dead with artifacts. Neanderthals' technology had hardly changed over two-hundred thousand years. Whether intelligence played any role in wearing clothing is an open question. They coexisted with Cro-Magnon (Homo sapiens) for about ten thousand years and then became extinct.
      From ecology and evolutionary studies, we know that if you have two populations that are competing for the same resources, it takes a very small difference in one of the species reproductive capability to replace the other in few thousands' years. If a breeding pair of Neanderthals produced two children, while a modern human pair produced three this would explain the extinction of Neanderthals.
      From the skeletal remains and archeological studies of Neanderthal graves' scholars have concluded that in their society males were undisputed leaders of the community. Burial status reflects social status. They had low status for their women. They generally never buried their women, and when they did, they never buried any artifacts with them, whereas men were buried with flint and bone tools. Even in graves found where men and women were buried head to head, all artifacts were found with men and nothing with women.
      Could this be the clue that Neanderthal women were consciously not aware that they can have sex anytime, and the act of sex produces a new “life?”
      If they did know that the act of sex produces a new life, perhaps they did not have the language to communicate this information to men?

      Scholars speculate that Neanderthals had emotion, speech, and language, yet no writings or cave paintings done by Neanderthals were ever found. They did not have any symbolic expression known as art as far as we know. Art allows people's imagination to materialize and share ideas. Modern humans (Homo sapiens) not only had a set of new tools than Neanderthals, but they also had “ornamentation’s.” Archeologists regard this ornamentation’s as the “defining mark” of modern humans and it was the first such interest in five million years' in human evolution.
      The speculations that Neanderthals had language arise from the hyoid bone that was found in 1983 in a cave in northern Israel. Archeological dating showed that the hyoid bone was 60,000 years old. This tiny free-floating bone from the back of the throat is similar to that of a modern human and is essential for vocalization and speech. The vocal apparatus of Neanderthal was different from a modern human. The tongue in a Neanderthal’s mouth was placed higher up crowding the vocal cavity, resulting in slow and nasalized speech.

      Then God said to the woman, "I will cause you to have much trouble when you are pregnant,
      and when you give birth to children, you will have great pain.
      You will greatly desire your husband, but he will rule over you.".....Genesis (3:16)

      Human females do experience more pain than a primate does during childbirth that is due to the difference in the shape of the pelvis bone. This change occurred as an adaptation to bipedalism, sometimes referred in the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament as being “upright.”

      In Greek mythology, the character associated with Eve is Pandora. Pandora was the first woman on earth. The Greek god Prometheus had made an image and stolen fire from heaven to endow it with life. Some scholars interpret this as being the “blessing of fire,” in which the god Prometheus stole fire from gods in the heaven and gave it to human beings (that is, the human being is the image that god Prometheus had created). The deeper meaning of this story and the creation stories of humans in the Book of Genesis are parallel.

      "So God created human beings in his image. In the image of God, he created them.
      He created them male and female"...........................................Genesis (1:27).


      "Then the Lord God took dust from the ground and formed a man from it.
      He breathed the breath of life into the man's nose,
      and the man became a living person"........................................Genesis (2:7).

      The “fire" in the Greek story is a reference to our soul.
      "So God created human beings in his image," this image is our soul.
      In the Book of Genesis God is referred as “Light,” and our soul as light particles or photons that are trapped within us. The Ancient Greeks referred God as “fire,” and our soul as fire particles. "Then the Lord God took dust from the ground and formed a man from it," referring to the god Prometheus's creation of the image (a human).
      In Greek mythology, Gods are represented by idols, and often were made of clay. Whereas in the Hebrew creation of man his physical body is made of dust (minerals etc.). It is not created in the likeliness of the Hebrew God's physical image, because the Hebrew God cannot be represented by an idol.
      "He breathed the breath of life into the man's nose, and the man became a living person," referring to the god Prometheus's endowment of the image (human) with life by fire. Breathing is the first bodily function that we examine to determine whether a person is alive. Greeks refer to the soul as being the fire of life, while the Hebrews refer it to as the breath of life.
      This trapping of light or fire within a group of atoms was started on earth by lightning and that is why Greeks referred it as the “Weapons of Gods” and associated with the Greek god Zeus. The complex that was formed by the trapping of light particles is known as “Life.” In revenge, the supreme god Zeus commanded the god Hephaestus to make a woman who was named Pandora meaning “all gifted.” Some scholars interpret this as Pandora being endowed by gods with every attribute of beauty and goodness. Others interpret this as each of the gods gave her some power that was to bring about the ruin of human.
      The supreme god Zeus gave her a “vessel” that she was to present to the man whom she married. Some scholars interpret this differently. They claim that in bestowing their gifts on Pandora the gods had given her a box, warning her never to open it. Prometheus distrusted Zeus and his gifts, but Epimetheus, his brother, married the beautiful Pandora and against his advice accepted the gift of the gods.
      The later part of this story has different versions. In one version when Epimetheus opened the vessel (a "Jar"), all the evils that flesh is heir to flew forth and have ever since continued to afflict the world. According to some accounts, the last thing that flew out was hope, while others claim that hope alone remained. In the second version Pandora's curiosity finally overcame her, and she opened the mysterious box from which flew innumerable plagues for the body and sorrows for the mind. In terror, she tried to shut the box, however only “hope,” the one good thing among many evils the box had contained, remained to comfort humanity in its misfortunes. Some versions blame Pandora's curiosity for the disaster.
      In the story of Pandora the “box” is representing a woman's womb (the uterus, the vessel in which a new life arrives in this world), and opening of it either by Pandora or by her husband god Epimetheus is referring to our conscious knowledge that we can have sex anytime. What came out of the box is “human emotion.”
      Pandora's Box came to mean a present that seems valuable but is in reality a curse.

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