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      Modern medicine treats the human body like a car not knowing who the driver is. A driver can get out of the car and leave it running, something similar happens when we sleep. The car must have a driver to move in a purposeful manner. As this driver, or the mind, exists independent of the physical body, it may be said to correlate to ideas of a soul or spirit. Modern medicine is missing the most important parameter in the definition of life—the existence of a soul.
      A mystical experience is an experience of merging with God or the “cosmic spirit.” Many religions emphasize the gulf between God and Creation; however, the mystic experiences no such gulf. He or she has experienced being “one with God” or merging with the cosmic spirit. From a philosopher’s perspective the idea is that what we usually call “I” is not the true “I.” In short glimpses, we can experience an identification with a greater “I.” Some mystics call it God; others call it the cosmic spirit, nature or the universe.
      However, having a mystical experience with the “One” in a “house of worship,” or in a “psychiatric ward” in a hospital is interpreted or decoded differently. This is due to the difference in references or values that are applied to interpret or to decode the message. A message or a set of “information” (data, voice, and color images) can be interpreted or decoded differently if different sets of reference or values are applied to interpret or decode them.
      This treatise interprets or decodes the information that is encoded in the stories and events of the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament from a “deeper level.” This deeper level is analogous to having a large “database” that is used to interpret or to decode the information (as written words, voice, and color images). The references or values being the “Ten Commandments” or the “Covenant.” The large database is my “cumulative knowledge” and the computer is my “brain.”
      In his book, the Bible Code, Michael Drosnin, states that one basic shared belief of all major religions is the existence of an outside, non-human intelligence, God. However, Mr. Drosnin himself, does not believe in existence of God, and speaks with Paul Davies, an Australian physicist, regarding the Bible Code. Prof. Davies concluded that the Bible Code had a time lock. That means, the Bible Code could only be opened once computers had been invented.
      What Mr. Drosnin’s computer does not have are the “links.” Computers are reflections of our own brain. The knowledge of building a computer came from or within human brains. In Hebrew, the root for the word “computer” and “thoughts” are same. If Mr. Drosnin’s computer had this “link” then, he would have had realized that the Codes are informing him that our brain is a computer. Invention of computers came from our own brains. Acquiring knowledge to build super computer is actually understanding our own brain functions from a higher conscious level. Yet, Mr. Drosnin states that the Bible is not only a book-it is also a computer program.
      This treatise establishes that the most powerful or advanced “Photonics Computer” that we will ever have is the “human brain”—my brain and yours. Our brain is a computer that runs or functions by harnessing the power of light. The information (data, voices, or color images) is encoded in the light particles or photons. That is to say, our brain is the computer with its chemistry (including brain cells) as the “hardware” and light particles or photons, our soul is used to imprint (at quantum state in each atom of our brain—a quantum imprint) the “software.”
      All of our DNA’s, RNA’s gets its instruction from light particles or photons that are trapped or imprinted within the atoms’ state. These light particles or photons that are trapped or imprinted within all the atoms’ of our body do not have its information in a similar fashion as in an instruction manual, but rather as, instruction to recreate the original information. This means, the natural (or sunlight) light particles or photons that are floating in front of your and my eyes are encoded with the instructions to create life, store memories in living tissues. However, these light particles or photons have no significance unless they get “trapped or imprinted” at the quantum state of the atoms in yours or my body, especially in our brain.
      This process is analogous to our present telecommunication (both analog and digital) systems operation. For example, the telephone or the cablevision line and the satellite beams do not carry the picture, sound or data, rather these signals (electromagnetic waves or photons) carry “instruction” to recreate the original pictures, sound and data at the receiving end. This means, if we do not have a telephone or a television we cannot recreate the original broadcasted pictures, sound and data etc.
      Our brain is the computer and the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament is the “data base” because the texts of this entire document are rich in “allegories.” Allegories are a work of art in which a deeper meaning underlies the superficial or literal meaning, the carrying of one meaning by another, speaking of one thing under the guise of another. The original version of these texts, that is, the version that was written by Moses has no separation between paragraphs, sentences or words. It is 304,805 letters or alphabets long. However, from each letter numerous “strands” of words are attached forming a three-dimensional hologram. We human being has to break these letters or alphabets in order to understand the individual words. This is how the biblical writers made these texts into a “hologram,” as mentions in the book “The Bible Code.”
      The Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament has 613 laws or commandments. Of them 248 are positive and 365 are negative commandments or laws. The numbers of columns in the five books are 248 and 365 days make a year. There are 248 component parts that makes up the human skeleton, and 365 symbolize the number of main nerves and blood vessels in the human body. The structure of the texts in the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament attempts to symbolize the divine in human.
      “Gematria” is the use of letters or alphabets as numerals, and the vast interpretive system of numerology that results from it. The essential element is that letters or alphabets represent numbers and numbers represent letters or alphabets. Sentences can generate sums, which, in turn, can generate new sentences. Numbers sequences can be expanded and extrapolated by “hermeneutics” (the science of interpreting, especially the Scriptures) to create immensely detailed and complex statements.
      Therefore, what it is “The Bible Code?”
      The mathematical codes that are applied by Michael Drosnin, a Journalist, and author of the book “The Bible Code” and Dr. Eliyahu Rips, the world-class Israeli mathematician to decode the information that are encoded in the stories of the Five Books of Moses -the Old Testament are “partial codes.”
      That is why they are decoding only “partial information.” Whereas, this treatise decodes the information that is encoded in the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament using or applying the “complete codes” or “holographic codes” from a deeper level.
      What are the “holographic codes” that I am applying to decode the “sealed book?”
      They are the numerous neural connections that form this computer—my brain. It is less like a crossword puzzle, and more like a hologram that is constantly ever changing.
      The Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament are messages or information from the past. Every message or information is also an instruction. In order to decode the instruction one needs to use a set reference or values. All modern scholars who are interpreting the deeper meaning from the stories and events that are written in the Five Books of Moses-the Old Testament are applying references or values that are tuned to their need and greed. Whereas, this treatise is interpreting the deeper meaning from these stories and events applying the references or values that were used to write the originally document and these references or values are the “Ten Commandments” or the “Covenant.”
      Our brain is a computer that runs from harnessing the power of “light,” a branch of optical-physics known as “Photonics.” When we die, our soul leaves our body. With it, all our knowledge, whether encoded in light particles-photons, and dark matter and dark energy leaves our physical body and becomes a part of the universe.
      If our thoughts and knowledge are encoded in both dark matter and dark energy then the person’s brain is saturated with “traumas.” Instead of being enlightened (encoded in light particles or photons) they are enraged, and thus are classified as “mentally ill” or “evil” from their speech and behavior. Chemical additives, such as street drugs or psychiatric drugs alter these quantum states of the atoms in our brain cells or the quantum imprints of the light particles or photons and dark matter or dark energy in the atoms’ state in our brain cells.
      If we acquire knowledge about this the most powerful, advanced, or the pinnacle of Photonics computer from a deeper level, then building Photonics computer for our daily lives is around the corner. It will be several decades before photonics computers are fully developed and become commercially available, but photonics has already made a huge impact on our society.

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